Coggins Funeral Home

Coggins Funeral Home

Coggins Funeral Home began operating since 1967 while the new facility was opened in 1981 to serve the community in Upson and surrounding areas with advanced funeral service.

Services provided by a service of Coggins Funeral Home in choosing and planning a funeral service. The staff will listen to every desire and emotion that you feel and describe the meaningful funeral.

Coggins Funeral Home

Services provided by Coggins Funeral Home is not only limited to the funeral service, but also services such as :

– Pre – planning service

Carefully to planning funeral will take a lot of advantages, you can visit the tomb to take some comparison to  apply into your desired funeral to the loved one.

And gives you the type of maturity about the funeral you want, whether you want a cremation or burial.

Whether your choice, the staff will serve the patient and write down any desire to convey to later serve as a guide in planning the funeral that you want.

– Online Memorials

The staff also can provide an online memorial for your loved ones. Online memorials contains information about funeral service and tribute to your loved ones.

The guest can get information about the time and place of the funeral service was held, and allows for guests to send flowers, make a donation or signing the guest book through the memorial.


staff will assist you in spreading an obituary about the loved one.

– Veteran’s Benefit

Staff will assist you to get veteran benefits, such as :

  • burial flags
  • government marker
  • memorial certificate
  • burial plot

– Social Security

The staff will assist you in the process of filing of social security that you can possibly to get.

– Death Certificate

The staff also will assist in filing to obtain a death certificate will be needed in the care of the insurance

– After Care

This service provide by Coggins Funeral Home to help families through difficult times after the funeral ceremony is completed.

For future information about Coggins Funeral Home service, feel free to contact the staff at :

24 hours line : 706 – 648 – 1111

321 Hannah’s Mill Road

Thomaston, Georgia 30286

Phone : 706 – 647 – 9681

Fax : 706 – 647 – 2336


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