Congo Funeral Home

Congo Funeral Home

Congo Funeral Home is a pioneer first funeral home in Willmington and surrounding area. Congo Funeral Home has been established since 1975 in at 201 N, Gray Avenue in Wilmington, Delaware as the first generation of funeral home.

While the supporting facilities of the new funeral home was built in 1950 by an African American architect nationality, Mr Calvin Hamilton.

congo funeral home

The second funeral home from Congo Funeral Home was built in 1986 at 2317 N, Market Street after buying the building from the original owners.

After that, Congo Funeral Home was turned into a trusted funeral home in the Wilmington area.

Success as a pioneer Congo Funeral Home funeral home powered by winning the award for the Best Funeral Home in Delaware Black Award for 3 consecutive years – were.

Congo funeral home service consists of :


  • full traditional funeral service
  • graveside service
  • memorial service
  • memorial plaque

And the different one from Congo Funeral Home, memorial dove ceremony. The ceremony can be followed by all the relatives, which will be conducted at the cemetery after the funeral procession is completed.

The ceremonial release of doves symbolizing the release of a family that loved to take the family on a new journey.


  • traditional cremation service
  • graveside cremation service

Cremation services offered can be tailored to the needs and wishes of the family, cremation services can be done directly without a visit or a basic service, or it could be done with a memorial service or funeral following the visitation.

For more information about Congo Funeral Home’s service please contact the staff at :

North Chapel

2317 N Market St

Wilmington, DE 19802

West Chapel

201 N. Gray Avenue

Wilmington, DE 19805

Phone :  302 – 652 -8887



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