CT Post Obituaries

CT Post Obituaries

CT post obituaries is part of a large Connecticut Post newspaper, which contains the most complete services Obituary.

If you want to put an obituary in the service CT news post, you can call the telephone number 203 – 330 – 6306, or email at deathnotices@ctpost.com

And fax at  203 – 384 – 1158.

CT Post Obituaries

How To Put CT Post Obituaries?

Any news of the death to be displayed in the CT Post obituaries you must send the message before 05:30 pm every day.

Obituaries received today will be shown the next day on page death notice. The published death notice is news of death comes from the familiar funeral home or by attaching verification of death.

Holiday deadlines vary and will be published before the holidays at Death Notices page..

How To Write Obituary At CT Post Obituaries?

Before you send the obituary to a newspaper or other media, please check whether you are using a funeral home form to provide basic information and will do the obituary as part of the services they provide.

Then put as much information as you have and you are comfortable enough for a variety of information to the media. Many of the information provided will help people to recognize.

Some information that might help are :

  • full name, including maiden name, nickname or other name which could help people to recognize the loved one
  • cause of death
  • place and date of birth, date of marriage and date of death
  • schools and organizations that have been followed
  • hobbies and special interest of the loved one

And plan obituaries one or two days before the funeral service. So friends and family can prepare arrangements to attend the funeral or donations and wreaths.

And sure, the news of death received by the CT Post Obituaries before 05.30 pm or death news you submit will be pending publication.

Or visit the website at ctpost.com to more information about obituary.

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