Mortuary School

Mortuary School

To obtain a license as a funeral director in a country you have to complete the degree program in the field of mortuary science, which can be completed in 2-4 years. And you can complete your studies of mortuary science in mortuary school.

But some states also require that a person taken to complete the education with training period to actually get a license as a funeral director.

Mortuary School

Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Oklahoma is a state that requires you to take a period of training before getting a license.

Choosing Mortuary School

To become a professional embalmer you also need to take education in mortuary school.

And even to get a license in any part of the country is usually different, but you must complete at least one of the programs that have been accredited, and complete an internship program for one – two years. And of course approval letter stating the Funeral Service National Board of Examination (NBE).

And the only guest at the U.S. Department of Education that are accredited to provide funeral services program is The American Board of Funeral Service Education (ABFSE).

And one thing that must be considered when choosing a school is the career goals they want to achieve, and understand if they want to get a diploma, a bachelor’s degree or associate’s degree.

Get Licensed by Mortuary School

One thing you must understand to pass the exam conducted by NBE to get graduation, since the license will not see the score obtained before you get.

Things you should learn in educational programs include :

  • psychology and counseling
  • marketing and public relations
  • computer skills

And in additional traditional classroom mortuary.

Go directly to gain practical experience and field trips and lectures from guest is getting things that make you live educational program to be complete.

To obtain direct information about mortuary school you can directly access it in

American Board of Funeral Service Education

3432 Ashland Avenue, Suite U
St. Joseph, MO 64506

Phone : 816-233-3747
Fax : 816-233-3793


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