PJstar Obituaries

PJstar Obituaries

PJstar Obituaries is part of the online media pjstar.com, which includes the obituary in the Illinois, United States.

Each obituary published there alphabetically for your convenience in finding a name, and also setting the date to view the obituary ever published in the Peoria Journal Star.

pjstar obituaries

In the name listed in the list, you can find more detailed information by using a one-click option.

While to find a name that never existed in the list, you can look it up by full name by completing Search Obituaries & Guest Books.

Or you can also find news of the death of an area by using the search option by town, with a specific date range can be set.

How to place an obituary in pjstar obituaries?

For funeral directors who already have an account on a website www.journalstarobits.com, can submit obituary at 09.30 am – 5:00 pm, to publish the next day.

To streamline online time, the funeral director can copy & paste the text in ms. word to website.

And for funeral directors who are outside the coverage area and do not have an account on the website can call the editorial desk for more information.

Contact the editor of pjstar obituaries at the phone number : 309-688-3115.

Death notices must be received by the editors at around 05:30 pm. And can be made by phone or fax, provided the funeral home director must follow up with a call to the news desk obituary

Who can send an obituary on pjstar obituaries?

Each obituary published in pjstar obituaries must be filed by :

  • funeral homes
  • private funeral director
  • cremation societies

Or other hand that is proportional to the funeral home and the like, which could be responsible for the burial or disposal of the body.

Submission obituary by family members apply only to the unique circumstances that can not be used by professionals.

And before the published obituaries, editorial of pjstar obituaries would ensure that death occurs in an independent or trusted source.


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